HELP! MS Access - OLE DAO.DBEngine problem

Does anyone know why I'm getting "Installable ISAM not found" errors
when I try to use CreateDatabase (create an MS-Access database) within
Delphi 2.0.  All the other methods work (so far), including
CreateTableDef.  Within VB 4.0, I found that it had no problem using
CreateDatabase IF I REFERENCED THE DAO through "references", but if I
try to go directly through OLE, I get the above error.
  Engine: Variant;
  DB: Variant;

Engine := CreateOleObject( 'DAO.DBEngine' );
DB := Engine.Workspaces[0].CreateDatabase( 'c:\DB1.mdb', dbLangGeneral

DB := Null;
Engine := Null;
Actually, I explicitly use the value of the constant instead of
dbLangGeneral here.

Do you think there is some DLL that's not in some implicit path that VB
knows about?

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.  Thanks.

Bruce Goldstein
Software Engineer
Interactive Strategies, Inc.