Delphi assember codes, sites, http addresses

Does anyone know good places or http addresses to look up assembler

I am asking because I needed to set the system date and time from
Delphi 16-bit. Neither Delpi nor Win API appear to offer this
functionality. A helpful contact from this group kindly advised me
about assember for setting the system time.

var NewHour, NewMinutes, NewSeconds: integer
        mov ch, NewHour
        mov cl, NewMinutes
        mov dh, NewSeconds
        mov ah, 2Dh
        int 21h

I still need the code for setting the year, month and date, the year
beyond the year 2000. I think other assembler codes might be useful as
well. I think I have seen them used for testing if disk drives are
closed, etc.

Email appreciated. I reply to every email.