graph-libs for head mounted displays

Hello everybody,

I'm owning a {*word*104}Maxx HMD with 180k pixels.
My question is :
Do their exist any programming libraries (e.g. PAS-Units, BGI-drivers
etc.) with graphic routines for the special {*word*104}maxx format.
As far as i know the two pictures for each eye are integrated in one
interlaced picture on the monitor screen (e.g : left eye all even scan
lines; right eye all odd scan lines on the screen).
It would now be very helpful to have pas-unit similar to 'GRAPH', that
contains procedures like LeftEyeLine(x1,y1,x2,y2),

Routines for the headtracking would also be nice.

Any help would be great !


markus herb
phone : +49 7152 902971