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Create table

                                 [             C               ]
                [     B    ]                  [   C  3      ]
      [ A ]  [B1][B2]   [C1][C2] [C3a][C3b]

How can I define  B and  C columns....?
This table is not like classic datamodel So I cant create this table in my
mind..! Please help me..?


Re:Create table


I'm not sure I understand the question. B, C and C3
"columns" look like group headers in a report. Are you
saying that you want a query to return column headers on
multiple lines of text? If so, then that is a formatting
problem and not the proper domain of a query. You need to
write your own code for that kind of output or use a report
generator like Rave.

If you mean something else, then I truly don't understand
the question. Please explain.

Phil Cain

Re:Create table

"gokhan" <> wrote in message news:3c10c91b$1_1@dnews...

>                                  [             C               ]
>                 [     B    ]                  [   C  3      ]
>       [ A ]  [B1][B2]   [C1][C2] [C3a][C3b]
> x1
> x2

As Phil says, you need to explain better what you are trying to do. The only
sense I can make is that there is a record definition that matches the 3rd
line (starting with [A]). In this record (i.e. Table A) there are two
references to values in table B, two references to values in table C and two
references to values in table C3 which in turn references values in table C.
If this is right then this is very normal database relations.

Wayne Niddery (Logic Fundamentals, Inc.)
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