TActionList.OnUpdate question

Using Delphi 4, update 3.

I have a TActionList on a standard edit form. The usual edit actions (eg.
Cut, Copy, Paste)
are then hooked up to speed buttons. Everything works fine as expected with
this editor.

Open up and show another (non-modal) form. This second form will then enter
a tight loop, with an application.processes thrown into the loop.

Now, return focus to the first form (whilst the processing loop is still
active in the
second form). The problem is that, since the application is "not idle", the
action list does
not fire its OnUpdate event, causing the state of the Editor's buttons (eg.
Cut, Copy, Paste),
to not get updated properly.

(If this example is not clear, see the Attachment with same subject in the

Any ideas on some "clean" ways of solving this problem ?