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Lock file grown too large on citrix metaframe


I previously had a problem where my application was recieving the error Lock
file has grown too large. I now have resolved this thankyou for you help by
using the delphi code as below.
Procedure TData.CreateDataModule;
  DirHolder  : String;
  Data.DB.Connected := True;

  DirHolder    := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'PRIV';
  //set this up to sort out the lockfile grown too large.
  if not DirectoryExists(DirHolder) then
    if not CreateDir(DirHolder) then
    raise Exception.Create('Cannot create '+ DirHolder );
  Session.PrivateDir := DirHolder;


The problem now seems to be that when the application is loading an error
will occasionally pop up stating that the directory has been locked.
Sometimes it will state by a certain user,  can you pass on any info

This application is being run under a citrix metaframe terminal service

Many Thanks

Jon B


Re:Lock file grown too large on citrix metaframe

Do not attemt to set the Database components Connected property to true
until after you have set the private directory.

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