Problem with IEButton component

I just downloaded a freeware IEButton component from the Web. If anyone
has used this maybe you could help me out.

The problem is kind of wierd. To explain it I will use a simple example:

Lets say that I have a form with two TEdit fields LASTNAME and

Lets say that I have a IEButton which when pressed will do the

Form1.Caption := LASTNAME.Text;

This does not work if you enter a string into the LASTNAME field and
click the IEButton immediately afterwards. For it to work I have to
enter the string and then click somewhere else on the form (eg. the
other TEdit field) and then click on the IEButton. The same works fine
with a regular TButton.

I did some experimenting and found that when I enter the string and the
I-beam pointer is still inside the TEdit field and I press down (not
released) with the mouse on the IEButton the I-beam is still seen inside
the TEdit field, but when I repeat the same with a regular TButton the
I-beam disappears from the TEdit field. I suspect this is related to the
actual problem.

Please e-mail a cc. of your response. Thanks in advance.