Thunking question - calling a 16-Bit-DLL from Delphi under Win NT

Wll the subject says it all - I'd like to access a 16-Bit-DLL in
Delphi 3 using Win NT. I have read Dave Jewells article on thunking,
but as far as I have understood, thunking in NT is only possible the
opposite way, that is calling 32-Bit-Dlls using Delphi 1.

Did I miss something ? Are there other possibilities ? Somebody in the
news group suggested to build a 16-bit-executable which runs hidden in
the background to access the 16-bit-DLL. While this would be a
possible approach, it seems a bit clumsy to me and I would prefer a
cleaner approach.

If you have any suggestions, please mail them at me