"Cursor is not opened"


  I have started to work on a project (I don't do much coding yet, so all I
can give you is a small s{*word*196}t) where we are connecting from Delphi 5 via
ADO to an MS SQL (MSDE) Server.

We have one strange behaviour: Two TADODataSets. One is a select from Table
A, one is a Join over other tables B and C.

When changing the SQL string for the second DataSet with

  set2.active := false;
  // change SELECT statement here
  set2.active := true;

The reactivation causes an exception (translated from German): "Cursor is
not open"

This problem *only* occurrs when the first dataset was activated (which is
only reading from table A).

Die Problem could be "solved" by changing the CursorLocation to clientside.
The strange thing: The procedure has worked. (And IMHO still should work)
with serverside cursors.

Has anyone any explanation or link for this behaviour? Or has anyone
similar experiences and found a real solution?

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