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Learning Pascal

>>I'm just begining to learn turbo pacal 5.0. Need a good book
>>on learning this on my own. Will have lots of questions as I
>>move along. I could use advice on a good book with lots of
>>example programs to show how all the routines are strung
>>together for some sort of cohesive and logical program.
>Im a begginer too, and I found an Tutor for pascal,with text and
>examples, if you want I could send you the FTP site were I downloaded
>Have fun!

Actually, I have written a tutorial available at the URL listed below.

Glenn Grotzinger
MOD and S3M user extraordinaire.
Writer of TP tutorial.  All released parts findable at:


Re:Learning Pascal

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996 17:30:57 GMT, (Valtar) wrote:
>Actually, I have written a tutorial available at the URL listed below.

        Hehehe, sorry it wasnt that, it calls PASC*.ZIP PASCSRC.ZIP
with examples, and PASCTXT.ZIP.
        Hey Im from DuF (Darkness Unknown Force) from portugal, and we
are a small "in construction" demogroup, and we are after a small
program that interprets S3m, can you send us an litle source code with
it ?
        If you want I can give you the email of ours Coders and you
talk to they directly!


>Glenn Grotzinger
>MOD and S3M user extraordinaire.
>Writer of TP tutorial.  All released parts findable at:

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Re:Learning Pascal

I learned with Oh! Pascal! by Doug Cooper.  Very good flow, good examples,
and good exercises.

Re:Learning Pascal

The book I used as a beginner was The Beginners Buide to Turbo Pascal published by Wrox Press. It assumes you vave version 7.0, but it's
basic enough that I'm most, if not all, of the material it covers will be valid under 5.0

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