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TMediaPlay Record Wav Files D3?

Can the TMedia player be used to record new Wav files?

Seems to have fits if it does not have an existing wav file to open.

Want to be able to record a Wave file within an application to a
pre-determined file name.

Any code snittpets would be helpful.

Christopher Hart


Re:TMediaPlay Record Wav Files D3?

  Following up on Christopher's exactly would one "record"
using the TMediaPlayer?  Wouldn't recording require the specification of an
input AND output device?  What does it mean to "record" using the
  I can't find any reference anywhere (in Help, in the Q&A at Inprise, or on
the internet) to recording via this component.  I copied a .wav file (so I
wouldn't corrupt it), then used the buttons to start recording and stop
after a minute or so.  With no input device specified for this recording, I
assumed the result would be a silent minute of .wav data, but the file did
not change in content whatsoever!
  Anyone have any idea what is going on here?
-Howard Moon

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