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Table full error

Bill Todd (TeamB) wrote:
> efficient with 4k blocks. I would also start thinking about another
> DBMS if your database size will continue to grow.

Agree on all the points you raise ! 32k blocksize isn't a good choice by
all accounts, but does represent a "theoretical" max table size, which
would give a file size of over 2Gbyte. Trouble is Win98 (at least
a.f.a.i.k) {*word*88}s on that unless you're using Second Addition which had
some fixes for (at least) large files (yes, I do mean FAT32 too!).
W2KPro and NT4SP6 don't seem to have the same problem from my

Anyway, paradox isn't the best choice for such table sizes, but I'd like
to hear your DB recomendation for such problems....

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice;
In practice, there is. -Chuck Reid


Re:Table full error

There are many databases that will handle that many records. Advantage,
Flash Filer 2.0, DBISAM, Interbase... See for information
on lots of databases. You would need to look at other capabilities to
determine which is best for your application. For example, is the app
multiuser, do you want to use client/server architecture, do you need true
transaction control, do you need stored procedures and triggers, what kind
of concurrency control is best for your environment (opptimistic locking,
pessimistic locking, versioning).


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