CFG file gets overwritten

We have a client running our Delphi 3.02 application using BDE 5.01 to
access the underlying Paradox tables. Initially, all users were set up
to share an IDAPI32.CFG file on the network which served only to specify
the shared NET DIR setting.

Things were working relatively well for about a year and a half with
this setup.

Within the past few months, however, the shared CFG file has been
getting overwritten/updated with the NET DIR set to C:\ each time.. The
rest of the contents of the "new" CFG file are typically different as
well, some times listing partial duplicate entries of other lines in the
Paradox driver section (e.g. the first line reads "NE" with no value;
the second line is "NET DIR" with value "C:\") This update/overwrite
happens even when the CFG file is flagged as read-only.

I have since had my Delphi application set the NET DIR to overcome the
problems described above, but another side effect is that sporadically,
the dates within the Delphi application are displaying in two-digit
years, despite our application setting the ShortDateFormat to m/d/yyyy.
This has caused some date-related functions to fail that work fine when
the dates are being displayed with four-digits.

Other info: This client does run other applications which may use BDE:
GroupWise, Corel WP Suite 8, RightFax. Shortly before the problems
started, someone also installed a Paradox ODBC driver (I believe it was
to access some other Paradox tables for RightFax).

Any help is greatly appreciated,