.Multi-tier problem : provider not found in client app


I've just attempted to create my first multi-tier applications
All seems to be ok, except that in my client application I cannot find or
fill out the provider that I created in the server app.

The apps are the simplest things :

Server : 1 remote data module, in which
         1 table object, connected to an Access database through ODBC (
standard Access 97 driver)
         1 provider object, pointing to 1 table in that database

Client : 1 remote server object, pointing to the remote data module
         1 client dataset
         1 data source
         1 data grid

when the client is started the server is launched (if not already running),
and the remote server object link is activated.
( I can see that at design-time as well ). The client and server are
definitely connected, so i assumed the 'hard part' is over.

The problem is that in the client dataset the ProviderName property
dropdown-list is blank. Manually entering
the name of the provider as defined in the server app doesn't work either.
When i try to activate the client dataset I get the
error 'Unknown Name'

The client and the server are running on the same machine ( NT workstation
4.0 dutch )

Anyone a solution ?

Jan Neels