Dear Delphi Lovers,

I've been looking for a useful glyph viewer for ages now and have not
found one, so I decided to write my own  -  and of course share it with
you guys.

It will let the user select either an entire directory or individual
files.  When viewing the glyphs a seperate TBitBtn will be created for
each file with the file name as the caption.  These buttons are placed
neatly onto a fresh form, ideal for making a print screen so that you
have a hard copy of the actual look of the glyphs.

I hope you find it useful.

Paul Linsell.

P.S. If you have not received the attached file,and would like a copy
please send me an email.  R...@QMAP.DEMON.CO.UK  

[Attached File: C:\GLYPH_V.UUE Size: 171725]

begin 777 GLYPH_V.ZIP