[ANN: Easy MAPI V2.5]

We are proud to announce the release of Easy MAPI V2.5

With Easy MAPI V2.5 you can not only use the Extended MAPI interfaces, but
also the Simple MAPI interfaces and the Windows Addressbook (WAB) API. This
makes Easy MAPI the best choice for adding MAPI and/or WAB based
functionality to your Delphi Application(s).

Some of the Easy MAPI features are:
 - Browse Addressbook containers and Edit, Delete & Create Mail Users on the
 - Use the MAPI Addressbook for name resolving
 - Use MAPI Addressbook dialogs
 - Send Mail in RTF format, Plain text and HTML format
 - Send Mail from within Windows NT Services
 - Send Mail without the Microsoft Security Update warning
 - Add attachments to mails
 - Browse message stores
 - Retrieve message information of existing messages
 - Open and save attachments of existing messages
 - Implement MessageStore events (this way you can react to incoming mail)
 - Copy and Move messages to specific folders
 - Connect to the Windows Addressbook using the WAB API.
- View, modify, create and delete verious MAPI objects like Appointments,
Distribution Lists, Contact Items, Sticky Notes etc.

For more information you can take a look our website:

- or -

download a trial version from
The trial version contains a helpfile and examples.

[What's Changed]

1) In this new release we have added support for various IPM....

The TRwMapiMsgStore.OpenMessage and TRwMapiFolder.CreateMessage can now open
and create Different kinds of MAPI objects. You can now create, open, modify
and delete IPM.Contact items, IPM.StickyNotes, IPM.DistList items and
IPM.Appointments items.

Example 4 demonstrates how you can use this.

2) function TRwMapiMsgStore.FindContact(AMessagingUser: TRwMapiMailUser):

With this method you can locate the ContactItem (=item in Outlook Contacts
folder) of a Messaging User (=item in addressbook)

3) We improved the TRwMapiTable object.

The new TRwMapiTable now supports:
- Restrictions (Filters, see example 6)
- A Fields property

With the new Fields property you can
1) easily find out what fields are available
2) add/remove fields
3) get easy access to field values with the AsString, AsInteger etc.

4) We also improved the TRwMapiProp object.

The new TRwMapiProp now has:
- Improved Named Property support
- A new columns property

With this new property it is easier to access the various properties of a
MAPI object
- Added TRwMapiProp.DeleteProp
- Added most common MS Outlook named properties
- The PropertyList is now refreshed after a call to the save method
- Changed the Save method.

The save methods now takes an Easy MAPI type as argument instead of a MAPI

5) We changed the argumentlist of the various open.... methods.

The various open... methods (like OpenFolder, OpenContainer etc.) took the
following two parameters:
- ABestAccess
- AReadOnly

These parameters are now substituted by one: "AAccessLevel".
This parameter is of the type TRwMapiAccessLevel and can be one of three
- alBestAccess
- alReadOnly
- alReadWrite

We are aware of the fact that this modification can break existing code.

6) We also solved a lot of minor issues.

With regards,
The RAPWare team