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Interbase 6.5 W2k and 10054 errors

I've read everything I can find about these errors.  They are stated
as Winsock errors from TCP/IP.  I downloaded and am running ibconsvcl.
 I do see the 10054 errors right before the client disconnects with a
"No Active Transactions" error.

I don't think it's the clients because I have 220+ clients around the
USA using this software, and they all get them.  Granted, we did find
some issues at the client that updating the NIC driver corrected.,
that only improved speed - not this error.

So I am thinking the server.  I've got Interbase on W2k Sp3
w/hotfixes., St. Bernard OFM, and CA Antivirus 6.0.  AV doesn't scan
the *.GDB files.  The server is a Compaq ML320G2 P3 1.4Ghz w/512 Mb
7ns RAM.  The drives are Raid5 ULTRA160 @ 10k rpm.   It's very
oversized for what we are doing with the database.  CPU% floats around
5%, peaks around 20% when someone logs into the application.  This is
a rarely used app/per user.   It has TWO Nics in a fault tolerant
team, with a single IP address.  The cables are double CAT5 certified,
and only run 5 feet to a Cisco 10/100/1000 switch.  Switch and NIC's
are all hardcoded to 100/full duplex as is required by the INTEL

This NIC on the server shows 0 errors.  There are 0 errors on the
Switch stats.    I have actually got this error while running the APP
directly on the server using a TCP/IP connection.

I am running the same Easysoft ODBC drivers and release of Interbase
that was on the Interbase 6.5 CD.   Are there patches that I just
cannot find?

Any suggestions?  Users are getting very upset with this.


Edwin Davidson

FS4 (Server) Wed Apr 09 09:40:43 2003
 INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

FS4 (InterBase Connections) Wed Apr 09 09:40:43 2003
 Disconnect: IP Address -, HostName -


Re:Interbase 6.5 W2k and 10054 errors

As a followup to my question, the 10054 errors were a result of the
user ENDING the Delphi .exe while it had an active connection to
Interbase.  They occured AFTER the No Active Transaction message.  The
10054 were not causing the no active transaction, it was the No Active
Transaction causing the CNTL ALT DEL / end task / causing the 10054

Posted incase this helps anyone else w/these errors.

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