Master-Detail problems!

Undoubtedly somebody has come up with this question before, but could someone please direct me to an answer...

I am building a database application with dbExpress in Delphi 6... All in all I like the new database connection architecture, except for one rather strange flaw. When I link a detail TSQLClientDataSet to a master, I am used to selecting the MasterSource and the MasterFields property. The MasterFields property comes up with the dialog I know and love from the BDE days, but when I now try to link fields with different names in the master and the detail it flatly refuses (it assumes I want to link fields with same names).

Am I doing something wrong? ... Has Borland broken this functionality? ... Is there a patch / fix?

I would appreciate if the answer could be e-mailed to me as well, since I do not have regular newsgroup access. Thanks.

  Jerry van Leeuwen
  Business Analyst
  Trans Data Communications Pty. Ltd.