Translating Delphi 1.x code to Delphi 3.x

L Cogar <> wrote:
>I need to translate a lot of old 16-bit code from a Delphi 1.0 project
>into 32-bit Delphi 3.0 form.

I think this is the wrong newgroup for this question. Anway, I don't
really understand it. D1 sourcecode usually does not need to be
translated to be compatible to D3. In most cases it's a simple
recompile. I have a lot of Delphi programs I compile for Win16 and for
Win32 from the same sourcecode. Well, there might be a few cases where
you have to make changes. VBXs are not longer supported under Win32
(but that's not Borlands fault). But VBX has never been a good choice.
Native VCL is much better. And some API-calls have to be changed for
Win32, which is not Borland's fault either. Well, I think you will be
able to compile with D3 w/o or with only a few changes. And if place
some {$IFDEF WIN32} in your code, you will be able to compile to both


PS: f'up to comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc

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