Please HELP: class not found


I've just started by first _real_ delphi project. I'm a C programmer and
if possible would like to use the Visual design of Delphi without writing
too much Pascal. Anyway...

I was creating a complex Win95 Tabbed form with lots of data fields,
when after compiling and running, I get the error:

    Eclass not found 'Class TButton not found'

at an address 000091d8. I changed the compiler options to enable
warnings, but it compiles without any problems. I then added the
'SLIB path' to the project search path, so that it would compile in
components which allow better degugging.
This didn't help either. Delphi can't tell me where the error
is coming from in the source code.

How can I localise the problem?

I have tried "stepping" through the program. But it steps through the
main section, the about box (with version information) and comes
back to the "end." in main, at which point the disk works for 30 secs
and then the program aborts with a DIFFERENT error message!!

    Invalid Image size (addr. 0001813D).

I also tried to locate the displayed addresses with the "Search->Addr"
option in the IDE. It says "invalid address"

===> I don't see a way out. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP??
     I can't go back to a backup from last week, but I'll lose about
     20 hours work and it could happen again.

You can reply by email if you like and I'll post a summary to the

Thanks in advance,



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