Seeking Earlier/Different Version of Startech Mail Components

I'm trying to convert a program from Delphi 2 to Delphi 3.  Ordinarily, this
would simply be a matter of re-compiling the code; but the original programmer
used third-party components, which are giving me trouble.

The components are Startech's GetMail and SendMail.  I was able to find and
download off of the Delphi Super Page; however, the version I
downloaded and the version referenced in the code are incompatible.

Are there other versions of the mail components floating around somewhere?
Specifically, I'm looking for a version where:

GetMail -has an OnAttachmentNameSuggest event
        -has a StartingMessage property
SendMail-uses 'Status = Busy' instead of 'Busy = true'

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

-Sean Givan

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