Delphi & GeoMegia problem


When I tried to use GeoMegia with Delphi I got one problem (perhaps it's
bug). I don't sure is that bug hides in GeoMedia or in Delphi and after
some experimets I decline that is Delphi's bug. Shotrly: GeoMedia has COM
object GeometryStorageService with two methods:

function GeometryToStorage(G: TGeometry): Valiant; {convert G object to an
array of bytes }
function StorageToGeometry(V: Variant): TGeometry {convert array of bytes
to G object }

All could be fine but those methods (and some other related on these two)
don't work correctly in Delphi when them are working well under the Visual
Basic. The test I had make was:
-- create Object
-- convert Object to variant using GeometryToStorage method
-- convert Result of previouse operation back to the Object. In this point
bug appears. GeoMedia raise exception with message that "format of object
is wrong". I checked result of GeometryToStorage method in  Delphi and VB.
Type, size and data of resulting variants are equal.

I don't know what to think now. Do anyone use GeoMedia
(GeometryStorageObject) under the Delphi2, C/C++? Under the VB3, VB5,
MSAccess all works. I only can juess that something wrong in inner
presentation of variant type in Delphi.

have a nice day all of you.