*HELP* Please *HELP*


I am in *desperate* need of help with a Pascal project I'm working on.  
The idea is to emulate one of those commercial film-scripting software
packages.  What the finished programme should do is be able to create a
film synopsis based on certain perameters defined by the user (e.g
character name, genre etc..).  The user should be able to answer a series
of questions, such as the main characters name, the setting of the film,
the {*word*267} content, and then the system should be able come up with a
synopsis that fits this criteria.  There should also be a random element
to it, so that if you answered all the questions the same there is a 1 /
5 chance of getting the same synopsis.  Some  of the choices the user
makes effect just word (such as character names, settings) whereas others
effect the style of the whole synopsis (such as the {*word*267} content +
I had an idea that you could do it buy outting a load of arrays into a
record/array/data file and have the system pick out one to match the
specifications and then run a sub-program that would change the words so
that a line in one of the synopsis's in the file that went:

Then, cast1 came face to face with a giant spider.

Would become (if the principle character was to be called John):

Then, John came face to face with a giant spider.

I would really, reall, appreciate any help/code on this.  But if any
genius's out there no of a better way to do this then please reply! Other
parts of the programme I need are:

How to scroll text with the up + down keys. (or just how to scroll text!)
How best to enter the synopsis's in arrays/records/files. Im not even
sure which is best to use!
How to change the words in a record/array/file, as mentioned above.
How to save the outputted synopsis's to a text file.

Anything, absolutely any advice/code would be a greatfully recieved.  I
need this program as part of an english project I am doing on the
conventions of film narrative.  I won' t get any marks for the programme
itself (its  for an english project, not computing) so this won't be
considered cheating.  In fact, I was considering buying one
of the commercial packages but being a hard-up student I couldn't afford
it! I have a bit of knowledge about Turbo Pascal, so I thought I could
write something easily. I was wrong! I've virtually finished the essay,
bar the part this programme would help with, but because its integral to
the rest of the essay, I can't  cut it out. And the deadlines in just
over a  week! HELP!

Thanks in advance!
- Chris Jackson