DelphiSim: Discrete Event Simulation in Pascal

Hi all,

DelphiSim is a set of objects and components that enables the Delphi 2
programmer to build and run object-oriented discrete event simulation models
in a style similar to simula. The models that are built in this way can be
incorporated in any delphi application.

Version 1.04 is now available. Changes to version 1.00 are:

-       Windows helpfile is now inculded
-       New examples are added
-       Errors in the Suspend and Resume mechanisms are corrected
-       Better usage of windows resources
-       Errors in the previous examples are now corrected

DelphiSim is shareware. You can download it at:

If you have any comments or suggestions with regard to DelphiSim, please drop
me a line.


Roeland van der Spek