Help needed calling OLE server written in VB from Delphi

We are trying to set a property in an OLE server written in VB5 using
Delphi 2.
Class c1 has one read-write  property that exposes object of class c2:
We always get an OLESysError Exception
Can anyone help ?
  v1, v2 as Variant;

  V1 := CreateOleObject('Prog-ID1 c1');
  V2 := CreateOleObject('Prog-ID2 c2');

  v2.cl2 := v2;

  ==> EOleSysError; Member not found
Can anyone understand what is going on ? The server definition is as

Server def:
  Public Property Get cl2() As class2
   Set cl2 = localVar
  End Property
  Public Property Set cl2(c As class2)
   Set localVar = cl2
  End Property