Encrytion Components(Delphi), Object Pascal Objects(other) Available for DL

A while back I posted that CRYPTOCard Corporation would be making available
some FREEWARE encryption routines for Delphi.  They are now availbable for
Download, visit http://www.cryptocard.com/pascal.html to get more information
and dl.

As written the source maybe recompiled for use with PB7, Delphi 1, and Delphi
2.  Byte Order dependence was removed, and it MAY be recompiled on a
MAC(Prehaps with CodeWorrier), but code modifications will be necessary to
recompile on non borland compilers.

Algorithms implemented include MD5, RC4, RC5, IDEA, BLOWFISH, and DES.  
Includes sample applications(Delphi only) and sample use of MD5 as random
number generator (Delphi only),  full source to components and sample
applications, and Win Help file which integrates into Delphi IDE.

Send comments, suggestions and code modifications to gr...@cryptocard.com

Greg Carter, Electrical Engineer
CRYPTOCard Corporation