Delphi4: Textured Polygons

Case any of you remember the old SWAG files, look in the GRAPHICS.SWG file
and look for "Texture Vector".

I basically need the Texture4Poly() procedure to work for bitmaps instead of
a part of memory.  I have used that snipet in the past, but I am finding it
hard to port to delphi because of the spagetti code and the lack of
comments.  If someone even has a well documented source that is either
already DELPHI or even PASCAL that I can port, please email me or reply to
this group.  I do not want to work with packages btw.

You will also notice some landscape demos there.  My plan is to make a
landscape program using textured polygons rather then a solid color
corresponding to some height (white for mountain tops, blue for water, etc.)
This will be the next thing I look at if you have any help to provide with
this as well.

I then plan to turn it to an online game where people can build houses on
the hills and fish or whatever.  It is going to be a fantasy world with
lords and peasants and stuff.  If you would like to help out in this
project, let me know.