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Q: StayOnTop form

Hi there,

the project I'm currently working on (D1, W95) has a mainform (customers)
and several smaller forms with additional information (about services the
customer can buy). The user is able to view several additional forms at a
time (so he can compare the information). No problem so far, the additional
forms all have formstyle "fsStayOnTop".

On these additional forms are a couple of DBlookupcomboboxes. However, with
formstyle "fsStayOntop", the itemlist drops down *behind* the form, which
means you can use the items, but you cannot see the list. Regular
Comboboxes don't seem to suffer from this.

Does anyone know a clean way around this? The additional forms have to stay
on top once I opened them (or at least in front of the mainform), the
DBLookupcomboboxes are also vital, as I need them to get information from
other tables.

Greetz, Liset


Re:Q: StayOnTop form


You should take a look at

He has fixed it.



Here is my Web site. Yet all in french (sorry, time missing...)

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