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delphi 5 prob

shellexecute won't work on delphi5

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Re:delphi 5 prob

Chris schrieb:


> shellexecute won't work on delphi5

Sure? For me it does.


Re:delphi 5 prob

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 17:44:23 -0000, "Chris"

<> wrote:
>shellexecute won't work on delphi5

ShellExecute is a Windows API function, not a Delphi function. So when it
fails, the first place you need to look is on the Windows side. Can you
expand on "won't work"? Was there an error message? No error, but a crash?
No error or crash, but ... ?

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Re:delphi 5 prob

Chris wrote:
> shellexecute won't work on delphi5

a) Use more specific subject than "D5 problem"
b) include error code. At least more information than
   just "It doesn't work. Why?"
c) read OLH to find out where ShellExecute is declared
d) try searching the Delphi source code to find ShellExecute
and finally - to solve your problem:
e) include ShellApi in the uses clause

Bye, Udo

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