Delphix for directx6...

Did anyone else have problems with this release?

On line 1860 of DxInput we see:

if Obj=Integer(@PDIJOYSTATE2(nil).rgdwPOV[0]) then
    FDeadZone[Obj] := -1;

// PDIJOYSTATE2 reads in as an undeclared ident.

This was formerly declared in Directx.pas but is now removed.  Should it be
added to the declarations in DirectX.pas or commented out?  (Commenting it
out does work BTW, the Joystick still operates).

Also,  there seemed to be constants in some of the demos that had incorrect
arguments: (in 3dwrap:)

WrapChangeList: array[D3DRMWRAPTYPE] of D3DRMWRAPTYPE =

I don't know if this second error was due to our compiled D4 version though.
To fix, we
just repeated D3DRMWRAP_FLAT, until the compiler was satisfied.  Does anyone
know what we did wrong?

Jeff Rafter, Realsoft Development