Ann: ChimneySweep service-update released to handle pack/reindex w/multiple passwords

A corrective service-pack for ChimneySweep 3.1 has been uploaded
(version code 3131) which corrects a subtle problem that arose when
pack/reindex was requested AND the table(s) are part of a lookup-network
that is protected by more than one master password.

The "Pack/Reindex" operation erroneously cleared the DB password-ring of
all passwords except the one used in the DbiDoRestructure call.  Because
the other required passwords were no longer on the ring, the table-open
operation that precedes restructuring would fail.

This service-update may be installed by re-downloading the appropriate
setup-file and installing it.  Your license code will be required.  The
location of the download files has changed; e-mail customer support if
you need it and don't have it.

"ChimneySweep" is a registered trademark.
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