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Free PET Games

You can download the following from my site at:

in the 'PET Corner' section. They are conversions of PET games. The zombies
one will run on any platform, providing you have downloaded the correct
Interpreter from the 'Inform Interpreters' section. Inform source and run code (12Kbytes) by David Ledgard
This game is based on a simple game I used to play on the Commodore PET many
years ago. Much of the code comes from Torbj?rn Anderson's robots game (with
his permission) but the rules are different. It's quite fun for such a
simple game. You can easily change a few constants to make the game easier
or more difficult as well. Basically the object of the game is to avoid get
killed by zombies. To do this you have to run away from them while
manovering them into pits where they die. It just uses simple text graphics. Pascal source and run code (12Kbytes) by David Ledgard
This is based on a game that I once played on the Commodore Pet Computer
(Ancient History! It didn't even have a disk drive, just a tape player). It
originally had an opening sequence where each snake spelled out the word
WRAP starting at either end of the screen. If anyone would care to write a
bit of code for this I would be most grateful.
You control the snake with the dotted tail, use the cursor arrows to move it
up, down, left, and right - 'Q' quits. The object is to avoid hitting either
your tail, or the computer opponent's tail. Whoever hits first loses. The
computer snake has limited AI to avoid hitting either tail. The speed can be
changed using the constant below, higher numbers = slower, the slower the
easier the game becomes. Speed may vary depending on processor speed. The
pet probably didn't need any delay at all because it was so slow, by todays
standards. Enjoy.


Re:Free PET Games

Im Artikel <80hegc$>, "David Ledgard"
<> schreibt:

>This is based on a game that I once played on the Commodore Pet Computer

Another PET user! Hi there! I thought to contribute one of my own games,
written for that machine, but it seems to be almost the same like yours. My
very first program on a professional computer, a disassembler for the PET ROM,
never was finished, due to that index bug in arrays > 256 members.

I'll have a look at your game and interpreter!


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