Problem - Getting Capability not supported

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
Using Delphi 6 - SQL Server 7 (back end) - BDE 5.01 - TQuery

The SELECT statement I am issuing is something like
 Select a.field, b.field
  from table1 a, table2 b
            a.field1 = b.field1
       and  b.field2 like 'x%'
       and a.field2 like 'y%'

When I run the program on my computer (where I develop with Delphi 6) no
problem, result set is displayed on screen.  When I run the program on a
computer where BDE has been setup with an ODBC as an ALIAS to a MS SQL
server, the computer gives the notorious "Capability not supported" (have to
hit the OK button), but the result set does come back onto the Grid.  I have
RequestLive set to False.  Tried setting the SQLQRYMODE to SERVER, no luck

Searched both google web and newsgroup, could not find my solution.

Anybody know what is wrong?  Is it that my result set is from 2 tables that
have been joined?  Why does it work on my computer? Same version of BDE?