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Help - second request - BDE error?

I really need some help isolating a problem that is driving me crazy. Using
BCB5, BDE 5.1.1 Paradox tables, paradox 'ascii' driver. Master/detail tables.

I noticed that the memo fields of certain records in the detail table were
displaying and editing improperly. Using the de{*word*81} I was able to determine
that the memo field contained a byte which represents the length of the text. In
all the problem records, this byte is one greater than the actual text causing a
terminating null to be included in the text. The records displaying this are
grouped by various individual clients. The only time these records are grouped
together is when I use a Query to collect them for printing or editing. The
print query is just a read and close so I doubt the problem is there. The edit
query reads the records and the result is displayed in a DBGrid for editing. The
edits are then posted back to the table.

The problem does *not* occur each time I do a query but when it does occur it
changes ALL the memo fields for the specific client whether they have been
edited or not.

Somehow when the result set is posted the memo text length is incremented.

Can anyone shed ANY light on how this could occur and what I might do about it?

Could it be a corrupt driver and , if so, what do I do about it?

Tried several table repair utilities and none detect any errors.

Any suggestions welcome - I don't have any hair left so I guess I'll start
working on an ulcer -

BTW, this did NOT happen when using BCB3.


Vic Baron

I am aware of the cross posting guidelines but since i'm not sure if this is a
VCL or BDE issue I will post this in the VCL forum anyway.


Re:Help - second request - BDE error?

Finally!!! Resolved the issue - not a BDE problem at all. Seems the spellcheck
component uses a WideString text property. When the word was replaced in the
memo field the length byte included the terminating null. Converted the
WideString prior to replacing and the problem vanished.


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