Accessing Access 2.0 MDBs from Delphi 2.0


We badly need to add a Delphi 2.0 module on a to largish database system in
Access 2.0; we need to do some user interface design work that is not
possible in Access.

I have seen various references to using Access 2.0 MDBs from Delphi 1.0;
will the same procedures work under Delphi 2.0?  Or do we need to do
something to bridge the gap from 32 to 16 bits?

BTW, we don't have the time or inclination to move the whole Access app to
Access 95 (since it will all get rebuilt in Delphi anyway).  I would
consider moving the relevant tables out of Access MDBs and into DBFs or
whatever, although this might cause lots of headaches in Access since we
make use of so many data types in Access that aren't available in DBFs.



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