Component re-installation: HELP!


I've just got a new PC and am trying to transfer my Delphi 5
applications across. I've re-installed Delphi and most of the third-
party components with no problem, but one is causing me grief. It's
TStringAlignGrid, a stringGrid replacement.

I keep getting an error saying "Error: WARNING: Duplicates resource(s)"
when I try yo install it. I'm afraid installing this components has
always seemed quite messy to me, and I'm not sure how to resolve this
problem. Any clues?

Alternatively, I could try to transfer the complete setup from my old PC
to the new, but since the Delphi 1 days, I realise that this is tricky.
If someone knows how to go about duplicating a complete Delphi
installation, including all extra components, then I'd be very grateful
to hear about it.


Gary Jones <>