Printing Images - only prints sometimes - any suggestions?

I have never had a problem printing text information but now want to print
images.  I am using the statement


to print a Bitmap image.  This works for some printers eg HP Laserwriter
but not others eg HP Colour Inkjet or Oki Laserwriter.  I thought that the
windows printer drivers were supposed to work all this out for us??

Also to complicate things I am loading ABitmap with images from a database
file and then printing 4 images per page. The HP Laserwriter usually gets
this far.  Then I am putting some text information on the page as well
(also from the database). Now even the HP LaserWriter has problems -
missing some text and missing some of the pictures.

I thought it might be a printer memory problem but again windows takes over
and spools the page to be fed as the printer memory allows.  Please all
hints or background information about printing will be received with

Russell Shannon
Creative Graphics Pty Ltd