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Checking RAS for ONline status.

Is there a simple API call to test whether a Dialup connection
has already been made ?


Re:Checking RAS for ONline status.

  Hi David,

  Try:  RasEnumConnections....

  You might find it interesting to look up Daniel's TRas Component on the
Delphi Super Page.

The RasEnumConnections function lists all active Remote Access Service
(RAS) connections. It returns each connection's handle and phonebook entry

DWORD RasEnumConnections(

    LPRASCONN  lprasconn,       // buffer to receive connections data
    LPDWORD  lpcb,      // size in bytes of buffer
    LPDWORD  lpcConnections     // number of connections written to buffer


Points to a buffer that receives an array of RASCONN structures, one for
each RAS connection. Before calling the function, an application must set
the dwSize member of the first RASCONN structure in the buffer to
sizeof(RASCONN) in order to identify the version of the structure being


Points to a variable that contains the size, in bytes, of the buffer
specified by lprasconn. On return, the function sets this variable to the
number of bytes required to enumerate the RAS connections.


Points to a variable that the function sets to the number of RASCONN
structures written to the buffer specified by lprasconn

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is zero.
If the function fails, the return value is a nonzero error value listed in
the RAS header file or one of ERROR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL or


If a connection was made without specifying a phonebook entry name, the
information returned for that connection will give the connection phone
number preceded by ".".

See Also

RASCONN, RasEnumEntries, RasGetConnectStatus

Re:Checking RAS for ONline status.

Mauricio Longo ( wrote:
>   Hi David,
>   Try:  RasEnumConnections....

Thanks.  I just finished doing just that.  (Missed it by... that much) :-)

And it does work beautifully, in case anyone else was thinking of trying

Thanks again,


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