Changing Graphics Mode for TV Output

I have a video card (Jaton Corporation: Video-77-3D&TV) with a NTSC
Composite TV output. I want to send the display output to the TV in
mode so the image fills the screen without the black bars around the
I go through Windows Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced -
Television to set the TV output of the video card to overscan mode.
The problem is, every time I reboot the computer with the default
output sent to the TV,  the output mode will switch from overscan to
underscan. Or if I reboot the computer with the default display output
to the computer monitor, the TV output mode is still set to overscan
but when the display output is switched to the TV for the first time,
again resets to the underscan mode.
It seems that the TV output switches from overscan to the underscan
mode the
first time the display output is sent to the TV. After that, I can set
output to overscan mode and switch the display output between the
monitor and the TV with no changes to the overscan setting.
How do I set the TV output to overscan mode and have it stay that way?
How do I turn on the overscan mode through an API call?