BDE - Wrong behaviour/malfunction?


I use Delphi 5 with BDE and Paradox.

I have created an alias with DEFAULT driver set to paradox.

Now the problem: when I use "TABLE1.EDIT"  followed by a "TABLE1.POST" in
Delhi, my record changes its ID-number (ID is defined as autoinc) !!

Shouldn't the ID keep its value? It also means, that bookmarks are no longer

I do not remember it doing so before!

In the Database Desktop, I can easily change the same record without it
changing ID. An I guess that DD is also written in Delphi???

Any suggestions? How can I re-install the BDE without reinstalling the
complete Delphi? I can't find anywhere, where I can remove the BDE
separately from Delphi 5.

Kind regards
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