Unkown Identifier HWND_TOP ?

Hi yah,
        My simple data base program won't compile cos of Unknown
Identifier. The constant in question is HWND_TOP. The F1 key knows
what it is but the compiler does not.

  if hPrevInst<>0 then
   with Application.MainForm do

        Do I have a path problem or is the above code in my PROGRAM
unit a problem ? I have included WinProcs in the USES statement, I
am running desk top delphi and have looked at all the likely
include files I can find with no luck.

        Can someone give me the #number for this constant and
possibly SWP_SHOWWINDOW as well so I can stick it in my Globals
unit. I was silly enough to delete and sell Pascal for Windoze after
getting delphi. All that reference stuff GONE.


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