Migration SQLanywhere to MS SQL6.5


I have never worked with Delphi prior to being assigned my current project.
I have used other Borland products and feel comfortable with the IDE.  My
problem is as follows and I appreciate any and all suggestions.  Thanks in
advance for your support.

I have inherited a Delphi3 application that currently accesses a SQLanywhere
5.0 database, which mus be migrated to a MS SQL 6.5 Database.  I have
successfully moved the data to MS SQL server and made a change to the data
source to look there.  I have the source code for the application and have
successfully attached to the SQL database, the first query works fine.  The
second query in the application is dynaically built and continues to build
it using SQL anywhere specific functions (today(*)) .  How do I get the
application to stop doing that and start dynamically build the SQL

Is there any other Tribbles I should know about when migrating data sources?

Thanks again for your assistance.