Turbo De{*word*81} and W95

>The mouse problem (do something with the mouse and then it crashes) does
>still appear.
>(I patched correctly: I didn't use the install prog, I did like described in

>Is it possible to resize the _small_ TDW window (the font is only 8x8. 8x16
>should be better).
>Even on 800x600/15" it is impossible to read >easily.

I have experienced a mouse problem where I get two cursors, an arrow icon (
Windows style ) and a block cursor ( Borland style ). The block cursor is the
functional one, the arrow cursor is a shadow. Mine hasn't crashed though. :)

If the system display is configured to 640x480 the debug window is more
readable, if there is another way I am not aware of it.

Hoping this helps,