Very bad performance when using the cache (Delphi C/S 3.0 + Oracle 7.3)

I have a very big problem !

When I use the cache update component with a TQuery object the performance
drops very fast as soon I edit a record.
The more records I edit the slower Delphi gets.

For the first edit it takes 60 ms to put a record in the edit mode and
change its value in the cache.
After ten or more changes it can take seconds (2,3, 4, .. 1000 to edit a
record !

Also to jump to a bookmark gets very slow after I edit a record ! The same
when I scroll to my Query result.

In this way the performance is unacceptable !!

What am I doing wrong ?

Or is it the Borland BDE who messes up all ?!

Who can advise me ???

Ger Otten