{?}->Borland,Turbo Pascal 7.0 win/dos?

What do you use? The DOS version or the Windows Version?

BTW, I use the DOS version...Nuff said.

Well...I am just curious.

Thanks for your post, maybe.


Regarding Question from last week...
I have been encountering a problem with one of my pascal programs.
And I'd like your point of view to be sure of what I suppose is

I come from C programming and I am used to this kind of program schema:
let's say I have a unit1.c which includes unit1.h which includes
definitions.h containing for example something like:
typedef float overfloat;

of course, in my unit1.c, I can declare a variable whose type is (my new
defined type) overfloat.

I'd like to do the same in Pascal:
I have a unit1.pas which uses unit_h.pas which uses definitions.pas
and in definitions.pas i have something like:
type overfloat = single;

when I want to declare a variable whose type is overfloat, I simply
It says something like undeclared identifier.....

That would mean, this is not possible to do it the way I was doing it in


You have to include the UNIT_H.PAS everywhere where you want to use
definitions from it.
So when your program uses functions/procedures/typedefs/etc. from unit
UNIT.PAS AND of UNIT_H.PAS you have to write USES UNIT, UNIT_H;