Interoperability between Java/JBuilder/Delphi/C++Builder using Java Native Methods

This message is a little old, however I did not find an adequate response
to it.


>Borland advertises (WWW site) that JBuilder + Delphi can be used
>interoperably. What does that mean in *practice*?
>>>It probably just mean that you can run the two IDEs on the same
>>>machine at the same time. You would need a PPro and 64 MB of RAM,
>>>though... <g>.
>Is there any chance that I can link Java code into Delphi (Java
>VM is launched when needed - that would be incredible!)?

>Is JBuilder capable of calling Object Pascal code? Much like the
>C++ interface?
>>>Not at all likely. What use would that be? The main purpose of Java is
>>>to build cross-platform apps/applets and that would break as soon as
>>>you use compiled Delphi code.
>Hallvard Vassbotn
>Falcon R&D, Reuters Norge

I sat through a presentation at the Borland Conference on the exact
subject this question is referring to.  The session was hosted by Borland
and explained the how's and what's to building a bridge between Java and
native languages using COM, OLE Enterprise, CORBA, JNI and Datasets.  It
was a great presentation showing live examples of the bridge between the
different products.  So there is a way to bridge all of the technologies
with JBuilder, Delphi and C++Builder.  We also go a preview of something
called the JIPC compiler, which would compile the object interfaces
between the products.  It was really cool.  I don't have any new
information on the compiler, however it was talk that it may be released
in the next increments of Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder.  I will keep
you posted if I find any new news on the subject.


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