ANN: SMLPack (VCL Multilingual Components) v1.3 released!

SMLPack is a suite of multilingual support components package for Delphi &
C++Builder. It can help you to make your application support multilingual
user interface.

It is a real AUTOMATIC tool for making your Delphi & C++Builder application
with multilingual support. It provides generate the multi-language resource
file automatically, and what you need do is only to translate the text to

It's compatible with: Delphi 5/6/7, C++Builder 5/6.

Key Features:
  a.. Collect the language resource and generate the language resource file
  b.. Supports all visual components(known and unknown);
  c.. Including the language resource of all components on a form;
  d.. Including the language resource of MainMenu or PopupMenu;
  e.. Including the language resource of messages in source code;
  f.. Can customize the properties which to be collected;
  g.. Without requiring any DLL or OCX;

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