I'm trying to link some 'C' (assembler) library routines into a D1
app and am failing miserably. I've got a bunch of these library
routines and need to use them for the app. The function I'm fighting
is "Comp" contained in a "C" lib "Compress.Lib" with Pascal calling.

 I defined the function in the interface as:

    Function Comp(File1: String; File2: String): Boolean;

 In the implentation section:

    Function Comp; Far; External 'Compress.Lib';

 I have the Compress.Obj as well but was not successful with that
either. None of this is covered in the Delphi material so don't
know if it's possible. The info assumes I have DLL's. I tried the
{$L} directive but no joy there either. Must be a way but I'm just
not getting it.