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Need help with cursor problem in TDW 4.6

I'm having a problem with TDW 4.6 running under Windows 95.  When I
bring up TDW I have two cursors, the normal Window cursor (i.e. the
arrow) and the TDW cursor (the dark square).  Both move in response to
moving the mouse. However, the square cursor is the one which seems to
activate things.  This is very distracting.  Has anyone else seen this?
I'd appreciate any help!


Re:Need help with cursor problem in TDW 4.6

In response to your double cursor with Windows95...

I do know with some DOS based programs Windows95 still has properties
available to change.  Using Windows Explorer, right mouse click on the TDW
4.5 executable.  A menu will pop-up.  Left mouse click on the "Properties"
item.  In the dialog box, you will see a tab labeled "Misc."  Within there,
select "Exclusive Mode" under the Mouse group box...

Selecting the "Exclusive Mode" will cause the mouse to work for the DOS based
program EXCLUSIVELY...

I hope that this solution will help you out...

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