TListView.TListColumn[x].TWidth := ColumnHeaderWidth?!?!?

I'm trying to get a TLIstView to automatically resize so that all the
data shows (whether the header or the text of a column needs to be

The following code worked under Delphi3, but fails under Delphi4:

(LvSystemList is a TListView)

//  AdjustFormWidth;
  NewWidth := 0;
  with LvSystemList do
    for Index := 0 to Columns.Count - 1 do
      Inc( NewWidth, Column[ Index ].Width );

  // Allow for an vertical scrollbar
  with LvSystemList do
    HasScrollBar := VisibleRowCount < Items.Count;
  if HasScrollBar then
    Inc( NewWidth, GetSystemMetrics( SM_CXVSCROLL ) );

//  Width := NewWidth + ( Width - LvSystemList.Width ) + Fudge;
  ClientWidth := NewWidth + ( Width - LvSystemList.Width ) + Fudge;
The problem I have discovered is this:
Under Delphi3, when I set the column width of the
TListColumn.Column[x].Width to ColumnHeaderWidth
run the above routine, I get the actual width of the column.

When I run this under Delphi4, I get the values
ColumnHeaderWidth/ColumnTextWidth back (-1 and -2 if I recall).

Has anyone else run into this?  Is there a better way to do what I am